Who We Are

The Dragonfly has been inhabiting the earth for the past 300 million years. It survived multiple periods of evolutions and challenges, amazingly adapting fabulously well till now. The Dragonfly’s ability to transform and adapt makes it agile in successfully overcoming times of difficulties. Through times, Dragonfly has symbolized strength, courage, hope, energy, and depth of character with poise. We selected The Dragonfly as our icon, representing transformation and emergence of a new form of life, continuously navigating with elegance and grace to find love & happiness.

Accel Technologies has been in existence since 2004 as a trading company and now is transforming into a manufacturer, distributing its own FMCG products, such as for Personal Care and Home Care.

Accel Technologies is committed to innovative and purposeful R&D to meet environmental sustainability and promote eco-friendly products. In turn, this would help Mother Nature maintain its beauty and benefit our communities at large.

Our Vision

We aspire to become a leading manufacturer in the Personal Care and Home Care products by embracing Innovative & Purposeful technologies contributing to the wellness, comfort and quality of life for everyone.

Our Mission

  1. We continuously strive to research and develop excellent & innovative products at affordable prices for the community, enabling our customers access to a safer and healthier lifestyle.
  2. We constantly innovate towards developing and adding to our high quality range of products.
  3. We reinvest into the business to further develop more efficient and greener processes within all verticals of manufacturing, sourcing and logistics.


Our Brands