Hair Matrix Cell

Hair Matrix Cell, Hair is composed from hair shaft and hair root. Hair root has hair matrix cell which is connected to capillary to absorb nutrition.

The more hair matrix cell would be active, cell division will be done actively and hair would be stronger and grow. If hair matrix cell is not active hair will not grow and tend to fall down.

Cause of white Hair
Hair itself is originally white colour. Our hair would be colored with hair matrix cell would be receiving melanin pigment from melanocyte. So, we can prevent from white hair stimulating hair matrix cell and activating melanocyte.

Cause of falling Hair
What if hair matrix cell is inactive and cell division would not be done actively, hair would be fallen and decreased.

To activate hair matrix cell:

  1. Massage your scalp to improve blood flow
  2. Prevent from getting mental stress
  3. Take enough time for sleeping
  4. Try to eat more soybean derived food as it contained a lot of Isoflavones which promote to generate more estrogen to reinforce hair.
  5. Let hair matrix cell to absorb more nutrition to be active, ATP.


ATP- Activate hair matrix cell and make hair healthy
For hair matrix cell to generate healthy hair, it needs to absorb enough nutrition through blood flow.

However, there are cases that even though enough nutrition would be delivered hair matrix cell cannot be active. It is because of lack of ATP, which is the source of energy for cells for their activity which mitochondria produces. Without this ATP energy, cells cannot be active.
There are a lot of cases that because of age, stress, or bad blood circulation hair would be weaker of fallen. This time, our product implemented new technology that promote ATP generation in mitochondria.

  1. Oxygen increased water patented process
  2. Charge energy source for mitochondria to the water
  3. Minerals which is source to generate ATP.

This is the first hair care product which implemented these latest technologies. By maximizing ATP production by mitchondria, hair matrix cell will be more active with Henna and Collagen.


There are popular hair tonic which are using “Minoxidil”, but it is originally a compound which was developed as antihypertensive. Therefore, those hair tonics has reported its side effect like nausea, dizziness or even death.

Henna + Collagen & ATP Hair Care is using only natural origin resources like Henna and Fish Collagen while activating hair matrix cell by promoting ATP to realize luster and reinforced hairs.

We believe this innovative product will contribute to all people who suffer from failing hair, with selling price is about 1/3 of hair tonics which are using minoxidil.

Kasoku Hair Care is the first with ATP and Colleagen technology

Kasoku hair care is the first with ATP & Collagen technology which activate hair matrix cell’s ATP production and enables vigorous and beautiful hair with using only natural origin ingredients.

As active ingredients, in contains “High Oxidized Dissociated Water” and “Ionized Mineral Extract” to activate mitochondria in hair matrix cells to produce more ATP. Also, it contains “Fish Collagen”, “Hyaluronic Acid” and “Vitamin C” which restores hair cycle to enable hair beauties both from inside and outside.

Active Ingrediants

Generate more ATP in hair matrix cell

  • Highly Oxidized Dissociated Water
  • Ionized Mineral Extract Hyaluronic Acid

    Restore Hair Cycle
  • Fish Collagen
  • Hyaluronic Acid
  • Vitamin C

How to Use


Kasoku Shampoo: First, please make you hair wet with warm water. And then, put shampoo on hand and mix with warm water. After that wash your hair with shampoo while messaging your scalp. At last, wash shampoo away two times with warm water.

Kasoku Conditioner: After washed with shampoo, rub treatment mask to your hair, leave 3-5 minutes before washing away with warm water.

Kasoku Hair Treatment Mask*: Make your hair wet and rub treatment mask to your hair, leave 5-10 minutes with shower cap before washing away with warm water.
*Use once or twice a week